Alcatel mobile phonesAlcatel, once called Alcatel Mobile Phones and Alcatel OneTouch, is a French phone brand owned by Nokia and licensed to TCL Technology from China. The agreement allowing TCL to use the Alcatel brand started in 2005 and ends in 2024. Nokia got Alcatel’s assets in 2016, including the rights to the brand. Alcatel Mobile Phones started in 2004 as a partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and TCL Corporation, later becoming wholly owned by TCL. The brand’s name changed from Alcatel One Touch to just Alcatel in 2010, with a new logo in 2016.

Alcatel OT 153Alcatel OT-202Alcatel OT-565
Alcatel OT 155Alcatel OT-203Alcatel OT-585
Alcatel OT 156Alcatel OT-206Alcatel OT-595
Alcatel OT 300Alcatel OT-208Alcatel OT-600
Alcatel OT 311Alcatel OT-209Alcatel OT-602
Alcatel OT 320Alcatel OT-213Alcatel OT-605
Alcatel OT 331Alcatel OT-216Alcatel OT-606 One Touch CHAT
Alcatel OT 332Alcatel OT-217Alcatel OT-660
Alcatel OT 355Alcatel OT-222Alcatel OT-665
Alcatel OT 500Alcatel OT-223Alcatel OT-668
Alcatel OT 511Alcatel OT-228Alcatel OT-690
Alcatel OT 512Alcatel OT-252Alcatel OT-706
Alcatel OT 525Alcatel OT-255Alcatel OT-708 One Touch MINI
Alcatel OT 526Alcatel OT-280Alcatel OT-710
Alcatel OT 531Alcatel OT-282Alcatel OT-720
Alcatel OT 535Alcatel OT-292Alcatel OT-799 Play
Alcatel OT 556Alcatel OT-300Alcatel OT-800 One Touch CHROME
Alcatel OT 557Alcatel OT-301Alcatel OT-800 One Touch Tribe
Alcatel OT 565Alcatel OT-303Alcatel OT-802 Wave
Alcatel OT 700Alcatel OT-305Alcatel OT-803
Alcatel OT 715Alcatel OT-306Alcatel OT-806
Alcatel OT 735Alcatel OT-308Alcatel OT-807
Alcatel OT 735iAlcatel OT-310Alcatel OT-808
Alcatel OT 756Alcatel OT-317DAlcatel OT-810
Alcatel OT 757Alcatel OT-318DAlcatel OT-810D
Alcatel OT 835Alcatel OT-330Alcatel OT-813D
Alcatel OT-102Alcatel OT-355Alcatel OT-813F
Alcatel OT-103Alcatel OT-358Alcatel OT-818
Alcatel OT-105Alcatel OT-361Alcatel OT-819 Soul
Alcatel OT-106Alcatel OT-363Alcatel OT-838
Alcatel OT-108Alcatel OT-380Alcatel OT-870
Alcatel OT-109Alcatel OT-383Alcatel OT-880 One Touch XTRA
Alcatel OT-111Alcatel OT-385Alcatel OT-888
Alcatel OT-112Alcatel OT-505Alcatel OT-890
Alcatel OT-113Alcatel OT-506Alcatel OT-890D
Alcatel OT-117Alcatel OT-508AAlcatel OT-891 Soul
Alcatel OT-900Alcatel OT-902Alcatel OT-903
Alcatel OT-905Alcatel OT-906Alcatel OT-908
Alcatel OT-908FAlcatel OT-910Alcatel OT-909 One Touch MAX
Alcatel OT-915Alcatel OT-916Alcatel OT-918
Alcatel OT-918DAlcatel OT-978Alcatel OT-980
Alcatel OT-983Alcatel OT-985Alcatel OT-986
Alcatel OT-990Alcatel OT-991Alcatel OT-988 Shockwave
Alcatel OT-992DAlcatel OT-993Alcatel OT-995
Alcatel OT-997Alcatel OT-997D